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Update: Family Tree PHP 1.0.1d (stable)

Version 1.0.1 of Family Tree PHP is now declared stable. All existing users who still use version 0.6 or earlier are encouraged to upgrade to the new version.

Improvements since version 0.6:

  • Persons, families, events, sources, repositories and citations can be added and edited directly, without the need for a gedcom import.
  • Language codes for non default languages are shown in the url, which enables search engines to index pages separately for all languages.
  • Ancestors reports now contain all children of the ancestors, with links between generations (from child to parents and from parents to child) and between partners.
  • Descendants reports now contain links from child to parents.
  • Privacy flags are no longer calculated after gedcom import, but on the fly; they are cached and reset when the cache is reset; they are also updated when records are added, edited or deleted.
  • Cron job functionality added for maintainance.
  • Separate stastics for each tree.
  • Pages can have child pages linked to them.
  • Users can choose to send a comment only to the admin, without it being stored in the database.
  • When a tree is deleted, the bookmarks linked to this tree are also deleted.
  • Many more minor improvements…

Bug fixes since version 1.0.1c (beta):

  • A space was added after the surname prefix when a gedcom was imported with the -1 setting for surname prefixes.
  • An error occurred when showing bookmarks to descendants reports (male or female lines only) on the starting page.

No longer for free

As I announced earlier, from 1.0 on, Family Tree PHP will no longer be free. The reasons for this I have stated in the earlier announcement. The price is 14.95 EUR. Language and template packages can still be downloaded for free and anyone who provides a translation or template set for this new version, gets a free license (or a refund if you already purchased a license). In addition to that, anyone who in the past made a donation, can contact me to get a free license too.

How to update:

Update instructions

Because the database structure is very much changed, it is recommended to do a new gedcom import after you have updated to this version from version 0.6 or earlier. If you do not, no data will be lost, but some data might not be in the right fields.

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