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Update: Family Tree PHP 1.5.1 (beta)

A new version of Family Tree PHP is now released: version 1.5.1. It is only a beta version for now. Users who have a license for version 1.x will receive a download link for this version today.

There is one main improvement:

  • The Google reCAPTCHA version 2 is replaced by version 3. As version 2, it only works if your server is capable of contacting the Google servers. Unfortunately on some servers this feature is disabled. Also, you have to register your site with Google and enter two keys, supplied by Google, into your Family Tree PHP dashboard (Dashboard > Settings). If you already used version 2, you have to get new keys in order to use version 3.
  • Optimization for PHP 8.0 and 8.1.

Bug fixes:

  • Some minor bug fixes.

Further, all 3rd party libraries have been updated to their latest versions.

Because of the removal of Securimage (in version 1.5), you might want to delete the ‘/plugins/securimage’ folder before uploading the new files, in order to get rid of many no longer used files (if you did not already do so for version 1.5).

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