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Family Tree PHP uses the php scripting language to import gedcom files and store them in a MySql database. Each time a visitor visits a page, the page is dynamicly created from the database content. When you want to update the website, you only have to re-import the gedcom file.

Family Tree PHP is easy to install. It can be done in less than 5 minutes. Just upload the files to your server and follow the instructions.

You can store many gedcom files in the same database. You can keep them separated or link records from one file to records from another file.

There are different pages for each person, event, note, multimedia item (photos, audio, video, documents) and source.

Multimedia items can be linked using the object links in the imported gedcom file or manually.

Users can add comments to persons, families, events, notes, multimedia items etc.

You can export several reports for each indivual: pedigrees, ancestors, descendants ((fe)male lines or all lines) and relationships between any two indivuals in the database.

These reports are cached when a visitor wants to see them, so once they are created, they don’t have to be recreated when the same visitor or another visitor wants to see them.

A search engine, a list of al surnames, statistics, anniversaries.

You can set different permissions for unregistered users (guests) and registered users (who need to login). This determines whether a user sees data on living persons, full dates or just years, multimedia files and user comments. Just how you want it. You can even block the entire site for unregistered users.

Multimedia files (including photos) are stored in a folder that is not directly accessible by users. So they must have the right permissions before they can see these files, and they can not by-pass your permission settings.

Photos can get a text (ex. a copyright notice) automaticly printed on them.

Family Tree PHP uses the Smarty template engine, so there are several templates available and everything(!) in the layout can be customized by anyone who knows a bit of html and/or css.

Multi language support.

Wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor for editing notes and some standard pages (like the homepage) and texts (like registration instructions) with many layout options, without the need of knowing any html and/or css.

Additional pages can be added at will. So you can use Family Tree PHP as a complete content management system.

A blog module is integrated.

RSS-feeds with the latest updated persons and other records.

Gendex export, so your site can be indexed by

Search engine friendly urls (using Apache mod_rewrite).

Anti-spam function.

Backup module.

Easy to use interface (using ajax to find records and perform many actions really fast).

And everything has been done to make it all very secure and give hijackers as little chance as possible!

This is only the beginning. Development is still going on and many features will be added in the near future…

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