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Some more bugs fixed in version 1.0.1 beta

Again some bugs have been fixed in version 1.0.1. A new corrected version (1.0.1c) is now available for download. Registered users will get the new download link today.

The fixed bugs:

  • When adding a new family the newly generated family id did already exist, so the new family could not be saved.
  • When adding parents, and no parents or only one parent was given, a check on a duplicate family should not be performed.
  • Passwords were not saved correctly for new users; this did not cause big problems, because users got a new, valid password automaticly after three unsuccessful login attempts, but it was of course very inconvenient.

If you have version 1.0.1(a/b), you only have to upload the changed files (but you can of course upload all files if find that easier to do):

  • /core/addfamily.php
  • /core/invite.php
  • /core/register.php

If you still have an older version than 1.0.1(a/b) and want to update, you will have to do a full update.

Note that the version number of your installation will still say “1.0.1”, even if you do a full update to version 1.0.1c.

Also a bug has been fixed in the templates sets. New versions of these (1.0.1b) are also available. The only changed file in these sets is:

  • register.tpl

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