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Some bugs fixed in version 1.0.1 beta

Some bugs have been fixed in version 1.0.1. A new corrected version (1.0.1b) is now available for download. Registered users will get the new download link today.

The fixed bugs:

  • Event values could not be updated.
  • Begin, end and living values for a person did not update when a birth, christening, death, burial or cremation event was added or edited.
  • Uploading a zipped gedcom file via ajax did not return an error when the gedcom was not valid or when the file could not be unzipped.
  • Custom pages could not be deleted via ajax.
  • The form validator for the add citation form did not recognize the source title field.
  • Pages in the pages box were sorted as in the pages list.
  • ‘&’ characters in file names gave problems when searching via ajax for multimedia records to link.
  • There was a problem with the multimedia, notes and comments RSS feeds, when the living flags for these records were not yet set.
  • Some minor bugs.

If you have version 1.0.1(a), you only have to upload the changed files (but you of course upload all files if find that easier to do):

  • /core/addevent.php
  • /core/addsource.php
  • /core/ajaxdeletepage.xml.php
  • /core/ajaxgedcomupload.xml.php
  • /core/ajaxmedia.xml.php
  • /core/boxes.php
  • /core/comments.rss.php
  • /core/editevent.php
  • /core/editsource.php
  • /core/media.rss.php
  • /core/menus.php
  • /core/notes.rss.php
  • /includes/pages.php
  • /includes/classes/getinfo.php
  • /js/addcitation.js

If you still have an older version than 1.0.1(a) and want to update, you will have to do a full update.

Note that the version number of your installation will still say “1.0.1”, even if you do a full update to version 1.0.1b.

Also a bug has been fixed in the templates sets. New versions of these (1.0.1a) are also available. The only changed file in these sets is:

  • addmedia.tpl

Finally there are also new versions available for the French and German languages packages (1.0.1a).

3 Responses to “Some bugs fixed in version 1.0.1 beta”

  1. C. Mollekin says:

    What is the actual easiest method of updating? Is it okay to just upload the entire batch of unzipped files? Personally, I find picking out the updated files in an update incredibly tedious and prone to error…..but keep doing so as that seems to be the recommended instructions, but I notice today a comment about uploading the lot.

    • Gerrit Veldman says:

      If you have not changed any files yourself (as I suppose most users do not have) it really does not matter which method you use. I only stated that you do not have to upload all files, because I myself find it sometimes easier to do upload only the changed files. But since I got some users complaining about this (like you do now) I decided to make it more clear, that you can also choose to upload everything. It will take longer, but you have to be less careful.

  2. C. Mollekin says:

    Cool, thanks. I never dare change any of the files so I’ll start uploading the lot. I guess if say, a dial up connection was being used, this would not be practical. lol

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