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Update: Family Tree PHP 0.6d (stable)

Version 0.6 of Family Tree PHP is now declared stable. All existing users who still use version 0.5 are encouraged to upgrade to the new version.

Improvements since version 0.5:

  • The cache is automaticly reset after a gedcom import, after a settings update and after deleting a tree.
  • Context menus appear when hovering over links to persons, events, notes, multimedia, source and repository records.
  • Option added to use only numbers for dates.
  • Option added to skip multimedia records on gedcom import.
  • Default timezone can be changed via settings (PHP 5.1 and higher only).
  • Users can select their own timezone (PHP 5.1 and higher only).
  • box added.
  • Warning when in debugging mode.
  • Better error handling for file uploads.
  • Better error handling for image processing.
  • When you invite users the login page url is send in the email.
  • When a tree is deleted, the comments linked to this tree are also deleted.
  • When a note or multimedia item is deleted, comments, bookmarks and citations linked to this record and links between this and other records are also deleted.
  • Persons, families, events, sources, citations and repositories can be deleted.
  • Sorting and filtering in MySql queries can now be changed or set to language dependent (using collations).
  • Links to search pages for persons, families, notes and multimedia can be added to the header and footer menus.
  • _AKAN, _RUFNAME (Brother’s Keeper) and _ALIA (Pro-Gen) tags supported.

How to update:

Update instructions

Users who already updated to the beta version of version 0.6 do not have to do a full update, but they do need to upload the new files, because there still have been some bug fixes since version 0.6c:

  • Some ajax functions did not work on some servers.
  • The surnames list did only contain surnames beginning with a-z.
  • Links in comments rss were broken.
  • A few minor bugs.

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