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1 bug fixed in version 0.6

Sorry, but there was still a bug left to be fixed in version 0.6. If you were running PHP 5.3 or higher, the check for jpg-support failed. This is very annoying of course, because it means you installation will not handle jpg files and will not show any jpg pictures. But because not many users are using PHP 5.3 yet, this bug got unnoticed untill now.

A new corrected version (0.6e) is now available for download.

If you have version 0.6(a/b/c/d), you only have to upload the changed file:

  • /includes/functions.php

If you still have an older version than 0.6 and want to update, you will have to do a full update.

Note that the version number of your installation will still say “0.6”, even if you do a full update to version 0.6e.

Of you are running a PHP version older than 5.3, you can of course skip this update, although it could be wise to apply it in case your hosting provider updates to 5.3 before the next version of Family Tree PHP is released.

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