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Update: Family Tree PHP 1.1.1a (stable)

Version 1.1.1 of Family Tree PHP is now declared stable. All existing users who still use version 1.0.1 or earlier are encouraged to upgrade to the new version. Registered users will get the new download link today.

Improvements since version 1.0.1:

  • Sources and Today in History RSS feeds added.
  • Searches on surnames or places, linked from the tree statistics, are now filtered on this tree.
  • When a person’s gender is unknown, the ‘U’ code is now used, and the gender field is now a required field for persons.
  • An event’s value is shown before the event’s date and place.
  • Family box added for edit family and delete family pages.
  • When adding a new record, the chosen tree is stored in a cookie and preselected for the next new record.
  • Dates without a year, but with a day and/or month are now stored as ‘0000-00-00’, to prevent problems with calculations.
  • Database port can be set to a non default value during installation.
  • Deleting tree process can be paused when the execution time limit is reached.
  • If a gedcom import fails, the gedcom file line number where the error occurred is returned.
  • Optimizing tables (after importing a gedcom or deleting a tree) is done via cronjobs.
  • Resetting cache and privacy flags (after importing a gedcom or deleting a tree) is done via cronjobs.
  • XML sitemaps added.
  • A link to the home page can be added to header and footer menus.
  • Context menu shows details count for events
  • Search function for events added. This will mean a relieve for many big installations, because searches on places and/or dates (without names) will now be much faster.
  • Tools added to block the website temporary or enable a debugging modus.
  • And more…

Bug fixes since version 1.1.1 (beta):

  • The gedcom and image upload functions did not work in Internet Explorer 9.
  • In some browsers, the user address fields were always required, even when set to not required.

How to update:

Users of the beta version 1.1.1 do only have to upload the files of this version. Users of verison 1.0.1 or earlier have to do a full update, following the update instructions.

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