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2 bugs fixed in version 0.6

2 more bugs have been fixed in version 0.6. When a surname began with a diacritic character and the surname prefix setting was set to -1, the first character was handled as a surname prefix during a gedcom import, even if it was not a lowercase character. And there was still a problem with adding and editing multimedia records.

A new corrected version (0.6g) is now available for download.

If you have version 0.6(a/b/c/d/e/f), you only have to upload the changed files:

  • /core/addmedia.php
  • /core/editmedia.php
  • /includes/classes/gedcom.php

If you still have an older version than 0.6 and want to update, you will have to do a full update.

Note that the version number of your installation will still say “0.6”, even if you do a full update to version 0.6g.

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