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Family Tree PHP 1.0 beta is coming…

I am currently finishing the first beta release of Family Tree PHP 1.0. This version will contain the add and edit options so many of you have been looking forward to!

However, when I tried to update my own installation to this new version, I discovered this version will not work on servers with a MySQL version lower than 5.0.12. So I now want to warn anyone in advance: if you want to upgrade to Family Tree PHP 1.0 (the beta version or later the stable version), you need MySQL 5.0.12 or higher. Most of you have this, but if you do not, ask your hosting provider to upgrade or start looking for a better hosting provider now.

8 Responses to “Family Tree PHP 1.0 beta is coming…”

  1. crex says:

    Looking forward trying it out!

  2. banbbc says:

    Only just started testing 0.6f but great to see the development continuing.

  3. bigbellydude says:

    Sounds like a big improvement. Can’t wait!

  4. crex says:

    Not sure if I should upgrade to 0.6 or wait for 1.0 …

  5. Noman Rasheed says:

    Thanx waiting for this add/edit option 😀

  6. Et3rnal says:

    Finally 😀

    gd luck n im waiting…..

  7. Wade says:

    I’m really looking forward to 1.0! Editable data will be a huge step!

  8. Peter Buyk says:

    Can’t hardly wait to test the 1.0 Beta version, with the new add and edit functions.

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