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Update: Family Tree PHP 0.5

A new version of Family Tree PHP is available for download: version 0.5. This version contains many bugs fixes and some major improvements. There is no need for existing users to update immediately, unless you encounter one of the fixed bugs or want to use one of the improvements.


  • More advanced search, including search for families, notes and multimedia.
  • Way of linking records to persons improved.
  • Event TYPE tags are handled in a better way.
  • Login/logout and dashboard/register are now separate menu items. (So, review your menu settings after updating!)
  • Different stylesheet for printing (in default, brown, document, forest, and hunebed template sets).
  • Users with sufficient rights to edit a page or post can see this page or post even if it is unapproved or a draft or when the publication date is still in the future.
  • The possibility to send attachments via the contact form can be turned off in settings.
  • It is recommended to block comment and calendar pages via robots.txt to reduce server load (see Dashboard > Tools > Robots).
  • Stats box and stats, surnames and calendar pages are now cached to reduce server load.
  • Boxes are parsed separately before the page is parsed; ‘box_xxx.tpl’ files are no longer included in ‘index.tpl’, but directly parsed by the script, which makes these files required for every template set.
  • The WYSIWYG editor can be used in full screen

Bug fixes:

  • Comment notification emails did show wrong urls.
  • Gendex submission page and form did show wrong urls.
  • The links in the blog categories box were incorrect.
  • Dates were broken on servers that did not support %e.
  • Slashes between years (in a Gedcom date) resulted in the years being ignored when this date was used for calculation or sorting.
  • Setting a different default page in many cases resulted in an infinite redirect loop.
  • In note titles etc. <br /> tags were not converted into spaces, which resulted in the last word before the tag being fixed to the first word after the tag.
  • Some urls contained ‘quot’ when a title contained quotation marks.
  • When Gedcom import failed, it was shown as complete in trees list.
  • On servers where max_execution_time was set to 0, gedcom imports and exports, and descendants, ancestors and genealogy reports, and relationships failed.
  • On Mac servers, Gedcom imports failed, because line breaks were not recognized.

How to update:

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