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Update: Family Tree PHP 0.4.2

A new version of Family Tree PHP is available for download: version 0.4.2. This version contains many bugs fixes and some improvements. It is recommended for existing users to update now.


  • Family Tree PHP is now MySql strict mode safe.
  • Urls in notes are made clickable on Gedcom import.
  • The import and export of the CONC tag is improved.
  • On Gedcom export, all html is removed, but linebreaks are preserved.
  • The session length can be set in settings.
  • A calendar module is added.
  • Some extra sidebar boxes are added: last comment, random multimedia item and RSS-feeds.
  • A file manager is added. You can use this to delete no longer used images and multimedia files without the need of ftp.
  • The user list, the comment list and the blogposts list in the dashboard are devided in several pages and can be sorted.

Bug fixes:

  • Some pages hang when there was no text or title for a blog post or custom page.
  • Sorting order in pages box could not be set.
  • Some wrong language codes in ‘core/login.php’ and ‘core/forgotpassword.php’.
  • Comment form asked for name and email address even when logged in.
  • Register link still showed when registration option was disabled.
  • Backup files did not show in list on backup page.
  • When changing default template from settings page, layout was broken.
  • Footer html code was not shown in Spring templates set (instead header html code was shown)

How to update:

Update instructions

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