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Update: Family Tree PHP 0.3.7

A new version of Family Tree PHP is available for download: version 0.3.7. This version contains some bugs fixes and some minor improvements. There is no need for exisiting users to update immediately, unless you encounter one of the fixed bugs or want to use one of the improvements.


  • The homepage can contain a list of bookmarked persons, events, notes, multimedia, sources, pedigrees, etc.
  • Editable text on contact page.
  • Better support for non-western characters.
  • Better feedback when uploading and importing a Gedcom.
  • Emails can be send via mail(), SMTP, sendmail, or qmail.
  • Sorting and listing of all extra pages can be set via 1 form.
  • Citations are shown on source pages.
  • Privacy filter is used for citations.
  • Breadcrumbs can be styled in template.
  • Approve email is send when a new user is approved immediately.

Bug fixes:

  • Captcha did not work when PHP was in safe mode.

How to update:

  • Upload all files of the new version to your server.
  • Open in your browser the file ‘update.php’.
  • Follow the instructions.

If you use other template sets than the ‘Default’ template set, you also have to update these. Otherwise your site won’t work properly anymore. If you have made your own template files, you will have to edit these too.

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