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How does the privacy filter work?

The privacy filter only affects living persons. Persons are considered as living when they have no death date and when their birth date is a certain period ago. Events, notes, multimedia items and comments that are linked to living persons are also filtered. This linking can be directly or indirectly. This means that even a note linked to a multimedia item that is linked to an event that is linked to a living person, will be filtered. When a record is linked to more than one person and only one of them is considered as living, the record is still filtered. When a record is filtered, it is completely invisible.

You can influence the privacy filter in the following ways:

  • You can change the privacy period (how many years ago a person must be born to be considered as dead). This can be done via “Admin panel > Settings”. The default setting is 100 years.
  • You can determine for which users the privacy filter must be used. Via “Admin panel > User rights” you can set which users van see living people. When a user can see living people, the privacy filter is not used.

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