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Update: Family Tree PHP 1.4b (stable)

Version 1.4 of Family Tree PHP is now declared stable. All existing users who still use version 1.3 or earlier are encouraged to upgrade to the new version. Registered users will get the new download link today.

Improvements since version 1.3:

  • Contributor and custom user types added. This is an improvement desired by many users for a long time. So finally, here it is!
  • MySql 8 is now supported.
  • Some minor improvements.

Bug fixes since version 1.4a (beta):

  • The stats page was broken.
  • Deleting a tree did not work.
  • The users list was not displayed in the admin section.

How to update:

Users of the beta version 1.4(a) do only have to upload the files of this version. Users of verison 1.3 or earlier have to do a full update, following the update instructions. Because of the 3rd party libraries updates, you might want to delete the ‘/plugins’ folder before uploading the new files, in order to get rid of many no longer used files.

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