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Family Tree PHP now https and PHP 7 proof

It’s been a while since Family Tree PHP has been updated. I am still working on a new version. But in the meantime I need to make two important fixes, for two reasons:

  • Many servers now use PHP 7.
  • Many sites are using https instead of http.

Family Tree PHP could not handle https and PHP 7 often resulted in login problems. For some users I have fixed this via private contact. But now a new corrected version (1.2g) is available for download. Registered users will get the new download link today.

If you have version 1.2, you only have to upload the changed files (but you can of course upload all files if you find that easier to do):

  • /core/login.php
  • /includes/index.php

If you still have an older version than 1.2(a/b/c/d/e/f) and want to update, you will have to do a full update.

Note that the version number of your installation will still say “1.2”, even if you do a full update to version 1.2g.

If you change your site from http to https, you also need to change two database fields. Via phpMyAdmin, go to the table ‘ftphp__cf’ and look for the fields ‘CF_BASE’ and ‘CF_BASE_PATH’. There change ‘http’ into ‘https’.

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