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Update: Family Tree PHP 1.2 (beta)

A new version of Family Tree PHP is now released: version 1.2. It is only a beta version for now, but it contains many improvements. Users who have a license for version 1.x will receive a download link for this version today.


  • CSS and Javascript optimization for IE9.
  • Comments on pages and blog posts.
  • When submitting a comment, a user can send a copy to his own email address.
  • Urls for addresses and email addresses are clickable now.
  • If a multimedia record does not have a TITL tag, the filename is set as title during gedcom import.
  • Check on duplicate records when adding/editing multimedia records.
  • The user right to see complete dates now also applies to events, sources and citations.
  • The ‘Today in history’ function and the calendar function are now only available to users who have the right to see complete dates.
  • The ‘Today in history’ function can now be set to show events from all years by default (instead of only when there are no events from 25, 50, 75, etc. years ago).
  • When sorting on dates, ‘0000-00-00’ dates are always last instead of first.
  • And more…

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