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Update: Family Tree PHP 0.4.1

A new version of Family Tree PHP is available for download: version 0.4.1. I know this is very soon after the last version, but thanks to the new error reporting module, I could already fix some bugs. And one of these was very important, therefore this quick new release. It is recommended for existing users to update now.

Bug fixes:

  • When adding a multimedia record or a note, there was no proper linking to persons.
  • Captcha images did not work on some servers.
  • Contact and comment forms did ask for captcha code even when logged in.
  • Event pages did not show the links to the linked person(s) and the breadcrumb link of event pages was wrong.
  • When a person, event, note or source had many multimedia items linked to it, these could break the page layout.
  • There were some wrong language codes on the edit blog category page.

How to update:

  • Upload all files of the new version to your server.
  • Open in your browser the file ‘update.php’.
  • Follow the instructions.

If you use other template sets than the ‘Default’ template set, you also have to update these. Otherwise your site won’t work properly anymore. If you have made your own template files, you will have to edit these too. (Tip: use WinMerge to compare your own template files with the new files from the set you started with.)

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