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Please, help me!

It is half a year now, since I released the first version of Family Tree PHP. Since then hundreds of people have downloaded and tried it, and with every update, an increasing number of these people have decided to keep and use it. That makes me very happy, because this is why I am doing all this of course.

In the meantime the work is still going on. The main challenge for now is to turn Family Tree PHP into a full genealogy program by making it possible to edit your family tree data directly in Family Tree PHP. The first thing that has to be done for this, is adding a Gedcom export module, to enable you to export all info that you put into it. I am happy to say that this export module is now almost finished and will be released for testing in the very near future.

The other thing that needs to be done is translating Family Tree PHP in many more languages. That is were I need your help. I am Dutch, so I have provided the Dutch translation myself. Jose Rodriguez, one of the users, has provided the Spanish translation. But I (and many others, I presume) would like to have at least a French and a German translation as well. So, if you would be able to do a translation, please do it! You can find more information about it here. If you need any help, just ask. And don’t bother too much about the PHP scripting of your translation; I will fix any error you make. It’s just the translation you have to do. (By the way, since English is not my first language, the English version could probably do with some corrections as well. If so, just let me know.)

The exciting thing of being involved in a new software project, is that you can have much influence on its course. I am sure all of you have wishes and all of you are missing some features that are more or less essential to you. Well, just use the forum to tell me about them, and I will most probably give you what you want!

Some of you have made a small donation to thank me or to encourage me in this work. I want to thank these people! It is one of the reasons why I keep working on this project, while I could easily give this time to one of my other projects or hobbies. So, if you would like to encourage me too or just want to speed up some new improvements, don’t hesitate…

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