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Update: Family Tree PHP 0.3

A new version of Family Tree PHP is available for download: version 0.3. This version contains some bugs fixes and some major improvements. There is no need for exisiting users to update immediately, unless you encounter one of the fixed bugs or want to use one of the improvements.


  • RSS feeds are added for comments, notes and multimedia records.
  • A persistent login option is added.
  • A page with recent updates is added.
  • Visitors can click on an image to see this image in original size; this option can be turned on/off in user rights.
  • Autocomplete function added for search fields (can be turned off in settings).
  • Surname prefixes are processed differently (new option: filter on lowercase/uppercase; Gedcom re-import is no longer necessary when setting is changed).
  • Javascript files are no longer separately parsed via PHP; config and language variables are outputed in the main output and the rest of javascript is now in static .js files; as a result of this pages load significantly faster (the folder ‘ajax’ can be deleted)
  • Ajax form validation improved

Bug fixes:

  • Sometimes not all editable texts were available after installing a new language.

How to update:

Updating is even more simple than before:

  • Upload all files of the new version to your server.
  • Open in your browser the file ‘update.php’.
  • Follow the instructions.

If you use the Forest or Spring templates, you also have to update these. Otherwise your site won’t work properly anymore. If you have made your own template files, you will have to edit these too.

Make sure you visit the settings and user rights pages after you have updated to check out the new options.

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