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NEW: Family Tree PHP 0.1

I hereby proudly announce the first release of Family Tree PHP (version 0.1), a free php script that anyone can use for displaying his or her own family tree on his or her own website.

Family Tree PHP uses the php scripting language to import gedcom files and store them in a MySql database. Each time a visitor visits a page, the page is dynamicly created from the database content. When you want to update the website, you only have to re-import the gedcom file.

Of course there are already some other php scripts available which do roughly the same. So, why this new script? Well, first because I had so much fun developing it. Second, because I wanted to improve my scripting abilities. And third, because I was not satisfied with the existing scripts. They have many features, but I wanted a script that did exactly what I wanted it to do.

I focused on three points on which I wanted this package to stand out:

  • I wanted it to be highly customizable (so I wanted a powerful template system),
  • I wanted it to be very easy to use (both for site owners and visitors),
  • I wanted the users to have absolute control over which data could be seen by which visitors.

You can download the script here. A list of all features is here. New features will be added in future updates.

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