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System requirements

Family Tree PHP is developed for PHP 5 (with MySqli extension) and MySql 5.0.12 or higher. It will not run on a server with PHP 4 or on a server without the MySqli extension. This extension is default for PHP 5, but on some servers it is not installed.

For displaying photos, the GD library for PHP must be installed. For using search engine friendly urls, the Apache mod_rewrite module must be installed. On most servers this is the case.

If you are not sure about your server configuration, ask your hosting company.

3 Responses to “System requirements”

  1. Mike says:

    Für 1&1 Kunden

    müsste nach allen PHP datein eine 5 Stehen damit geht dann also => install.php5 und alle anderen php müssen dann auch php5 heissen!!!

    viel Spass Mike

  2. James says:

    Do you have a demo version i can look at or a temp demo I can test out to make sure it works. I wouild like to test out the system first through a demo if you have it so i can see the front and back end workings of it
    a demo version i can test out through the installation process and to see there is no issues with ppl signing up and to make sure it has all or most of the features i cam looking for.
    Thanks James

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