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Update: Family Tree PHP 0.4

A new version of Family Tree PHP is available for download: version 0.4. This version contains many bugs fixes and some major improvements. It is recommended for existing users to update now.


  • A blog module is added, so you can incorporate a weblog into your family tree website without the need of any additional software.
  • The header and footer menus and the boxes in the sidebar can be customized.
  • The admin panel is replaced by a dashboard. This dashboard is available to all users. Only the available functions vary according to user type and user rights. For now normal users can only edit and delete their own account and their own comments. In the future, new functions will come available for your users, as well as the possibility to give your users the right to edit your data.
  • A new error reporting module is added. PHP and MySql error messages are now stored in the database. When 10 messages or more are stored, you get an email, which you can forward to me. In this way I can fast and easily fix any bugs or problems that might occur. (It is also possible to let these emails be send directly to me.)
  • The admin can invite new users.
  • Many usability improvements and additional customization options have been implemented (too much to list them all here.)
  • Gedcom import is improved for Gedcoms generated by Aldfaer (ASSO tag) and Family Historian (OBJE tag).

Bug fixes:

  • Links to linked record in comment email were not complete (domain was missing).
  • Links in text editor did not show right color in Firefox.
  • When the text editor was hidden, the unedited content of the editor was submitted instead of the edited content of the normal textarea.
  • When the text editor was hidden, images could not be inserted.
  • Empty lines with CONT where ignored on gedcom import.
  • The backup module was unusable when search engine friendly urls were used.
  • New user groups could not be created.
  • Default media levels for gedcom import could not be set via settings.
  • In theory, users could approve their own comments via editcomment.

How to update:

  • Upload all files of the new version to your server.
  • Open in your browser the file ‘update.php’.
  • Follow the instructions.

If you use other template sets than the ‘Default’ template set, you also have to update these. Otherwise your site won’t work properly anymore. If you have made your own template files, you will have to edit these too. (Tip: use WinMerge to compare your own template files with the new files from the set you started with.)

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